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February 6, 2014
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Anything is possible

Learning to draw

Interpretation of a client’s needs are crucial in successful graphic and visual design. Two years ago, I won a contract where it turned out that the best solution to the design challenge, looked to be an illustrative approach, but I couldn’t draw even a decent stickman.

I needed a teacher, a guide to help me learn in a real hurry. Odd how when you put something out into the universe, it invariably comes along. One day at The Beanery Café in Summerland, it was a hot summer’s day and our usual coffee group were sitting outside, when this guy came along and stopped for a chat. He asked what I was sketching – and I told him I was trying to teach myself how to draw. He said “Oh I am artist – I can help you with that”. Thinking that would be too good to be true, I said “Oh yeah? Draw something” and I handed him my pen and sketchbook. Turns out he could draw. In fact very well. He was an artist who had not only done thousands of storyboards for TV and films – he had also been successful on the Vancouver art scene and his work is now in the permanent collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Lucky me.

So over a period of a few weeks this artist (who prefers to remain anonymous) taught me about perspective as that was the part that I found to be the hardest… dealing with the horizon line and putting things on the right plane so that it made visual sense.

The Summerland’s Best Christmas card that I did this year was an exercise in learning about perspective and vanishing points. This unnamed artist was invaluable in terms of sending me off on the right path of learning how to do something I didn’t for a second think I could do. Which just goes to show you, when you make up your mind to do something, anything is possible.